Hearing Care & Hearing Aids Center in Carlsbad, CA & throughout San Diego County

Independent Family Owned Hearing Aid Center

We are proud to be an independent hearing aid center, family owned and operated clinic. That means that you will get independent advice about your hearing and your needs. Our independence means that we can choose from among the very best hearing aids from the biggest hearing aid brands and models.

How to get most out of your hearing aids with ongoing care

At Lawrence Hearing Aid Center our clinicians are dedicated to supporting you through every step of the hearing journey. Providing ongoing care after you receive your hearing aids is a big part of our service. When you buy a hearing aid at Lawrence Hearing Aid Center we provide you a:

  • 12-month warranty on your hearing aids
  • 24-hour repairs where possible and a
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

You also receive free appointments for 30 days after your hearing aids. This allows your hearing instrument specialist to adjust your hearing aids as needed. Ensuring you are getting the best hearing results. At Lawrence Hearing Aid Center we know it takes time to get used to using hearing aids. Our hearing aid experts are committed to supporting you through this process.

At Lawrence Hearing Aid Center our focus is you. All of our staff, from our reception team to management team, are trained to help you use your hearing aids. This means that you can visit your local Hearing Aid Center in Carlsbad at any time. Our friendly staff will be able to help you with simple adjustments of your hearing aids like changing the batteries. We also have a range of other devices that work with your hearing aids to improve your ability to hear in noisy situations. Chris Lawrence, is a Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist and is committed to making sure you get the best hearing results!

The cost of your hearing aids and hearing assessments may be partially or fully subsidized through Medicare, Government Health Initiatives and your Private Health Insurance.

If you or a family member have had a full hearing test and would like to discuss hearing aids as a hearing solution, call (760)729-8581 to book an appointment with our hearing aid specialist at Lawrence Hearing Aid Center in Carlsbad, California.