California CNA Jobs: Facts and Details

With the increasing number of the elderly population and the increasing demand of health care facilities, the medical field is an ever-promising field. Even during recession, the health field doesn’t go through much damage. In this context, CNA is surely one of the most talked- about professions today. Because of its easy and short courses, CNA has taken quite a huge area of the career scope. A CNA is an assistant to the nurses who provides medical as well as personal care to patients. They have to be with patients all the time so that they can report any development in them. Especially in the US, scarcity of nurses is often reported. So, the job availability of a CNA is extremely high in every state including California. CNA jobs San Diego has a better scope as it is one of the biggest cities in California as well as America.

How to get a CNA job?

CNA Job SearchTo get a CNA job, initially you will need a CNA degree. CNA courses are short and not too expensive, and also they are available everywhere. Regarding the duration of the course, the federal government has a criterion of 75 hours while California state government has a criterion of 150 hours. You can enroll in any of these, but make sure it is state approved. The plus point with these courses is that a majority of them are usually free, but that is only if you agree to work for them as soon as your course is completed. The course will train you with the theoretical as well as practical skills to prepare you for a CNA job. Once you complete your course, you will have to take the certification exams. Only after you pass this exam, you will able to work as a CNA. You will also have to go through a background check. Then, starts you job search.

By any ways, if you had not talked about job aspects in your college while studying the CNA course, you should now inquire if they have any vacant posts available. If not job at the same place, this inquiry may at least help you to get a list of the available jobs in San Diego. A good society circle is also very helpful. Once you decide getting into the nursing field, you ought to make connections with various nurses. This will largely help you with your job search. Nurses are informed about the vacancies, and they may refer you for those posts.

In the internet world, what better option than the internet itself! Go online and search for jobs. You will surely land up on a huge list of jobs. You can also take the help of nursing magazines. However, CNA jobs are not much advertised. Hence, it would be helpful to visit hospitals and nursing homes personally with a resume. They may have vacant positions. If not, they may at least keep you resume and inform you once there is a vacant post.

CNA jobs are available in full time as well as part time forms.

CNA Job ListingsThence, you can choose your work-time according to your comfort. The job opportunities are expected to increase about 21% by the next decade. Hence, scarcity of CNA jobs is very unlikely. In fact, every year the number of nurses are reported to be lesser than the amount needed.

The paying for a CNA is also good with about $ 20,000 to $ 35,000 a year. The salary increases with the expertise one has, and also with experience. It also depends on where one chooses to work. Private nursing homes pay more than the public ones. If you are hired as a personal nurse, you will be able to earn much more than the average. But you will not get your expected salary as soon as you pass out. Only after you gain a little experience, you will be entitled to the expected average salary. But more than money-minded, this job is rewarding for the ones that have a desire to help others. Because of this pleasure, CNAs claim that this is the best job they can ever think of. Although there are a large number of posts available, the competition is always stiff. Therefore, don’t forget to give in a little more extra effort.


Raising awareness for Alzheimers Disease

In most parts of the world old people are excluded just because they are old. The days when old people were respected for their wisdom and experience have mostly disappeared.

Dementia, usually of the Alzheimers’ or vascular type, occurs almost entirely in older people. The great majority of people with dementia are doubly excluded both because they are old and because they have lost their memories and are regarded as useless and a nuisance. This is no way for people to end their lives. Those who care for people with dementia are also excluded from society because they do not have the time or the money to enjoy a social existence. This need not happen.

Dementia care is a global problem. 2 out of 3 people with dementia live in developing countries. There are currently 18 million people with dementia world-wide. This number will rise to 34 million in 25 years time. This is entirely due to the rapid aging of populations. Most people in this room have a close relative or family friend with dementia. Think of that person and multiply the problem by 34 million. Most carers have to cope with dementia in a relative with many fewer resources than you do.

Alzheimers DiseaseRaising awareness of the disease amongst members of the general public, professionals and policy makers is the most important priority for action throughout the world. Raising awareness is the primary objective of Alzheimer’s Disease International and all the national Alzheimer associations it supports. People need to know that loss of memory is not a normal part of old age. It is a symptom of disease.

Thinking ahead and winning the battle on dementia through memory care and family support

Improving the recognition of dementia and training in memory care are two further priorities for action. Families want to know what is wrong with their relatives when they have loss of memory. They need to know how to manage and to plan for the future. The disease is slowly progressive, can last up to 20 years, and is ultimately fatal. Primary care workers in every country need to understand the importance of making a diagnosis when a person has a memory problem. People with the disease and their families then need to be fully informed about the disease and need support and advice on a long-term basis. Support can be very effectively done by Alzheimer associations in collaboration with primary care workers. If families are well supported, the people they are caring for often become much easier to manage.

senior care livingThe challenge for policy makers is to provide cost-effective but humane resources for the care of people with dementia and their families. For this to happen every country needs to have prevalence figures for dementia. It is crucial that epidemiological research is encouraged, particularly in developing countries where awareness about dementia is only just beginning to surface. Social research on the impact of the disease on the individual and the family also needs to be carried out in every country. Ways of reducing the distress and the burden of caring will be different in different cultures. Knowing the figures and having an understanding of the caring arrangements is essential to policy makers for the planning of services.

There is as yet no cure nor any way of preventing the disease. But we already know from existing research that much can be done and the quality of life of the person with dementia and their carers can be much improved.

Memory Care and Assisted Living Services in San Diego County

St. Paul’s Villa Nestled in the heart of Bankers Hill, St. Paul’s Villa provides a home-like atmosphere through our individualized approach to care and living. With 24/7 licensed nursing staff, we provide a higher level of care than many other memory care facilities in San Diego County. In fact, it’s our professional, kind, and compassionate staffthat most sets us apart. Many staffmembers have celebrated milestones of 5, 10, 15, and even 20 years! Staffloyalty allows for consistency in care because we really get to know our residents. Our staffhandles senior living with love and it shows. Our residents enjoy living at St. Paul’s Villa because our staffis like family. They also enjoy the many social, recreational, and therapeutic activities that while fun, are designed to stimulate and improve cognition, fine motor skills, and ambulation. You’ll often see our residents in a fitness class, doing arts and crafts, or grooving along to live paul senior services villa

St. Paul’s Villa San Diego offers:

  • A living room where we play games, screen movies and documentaries, do arts and crafts, and hold discussions on current events.
  • A library with a variety of reading material including large print books, daily newspapers and periodicals. We have a magnifierand provide books on tape.
  • Non-denominational, Episcopal and Catholic services in our chapel. Ohr Shalom Synagogue is located one block away and Jewish Family Services will provide transportation when requested.
  • A full-service beauty salon and barber shop that caters to both men and women so our residents can stay glamorous and well-groomed.
  • Comfortable restaurant-style dining featuring a full salad bar available at lunch and dinner. We take delight in creating menus for special occasions.
  • Scheduled transportation available for outings and shopping excursions as well as to personal appointments and errands.

Personal Care through Assisted Living Services

St. Paul’s caregivers are trained to ensure your loved one receives the very best of care, from providing delicious and nutritious meals to housekeeping, medication management, bathing, grooming, and incontinence care. Personal care services are provided based on a comprehensive assessment upon move-in to determine the appropriate level of care.

Memory Care Support

Memory problems are typically one of the first troubling signs of cognitive loss or dementia. According to the National Institute on Aging, in addition to memory problems, someone with Alzheimer’s disease may experience multiple symptoms. We are exceptionally proud of our memory care staff. We learn about your loved one’s life so we can interact in a calming and personable manner to ensure your family member feels a sense of comfort, belonging, and joy.

Our memory care residents enjoy daily nature walks, activities in our open patio area, special celebrations, and events. Families are always invited! We even oer a private dining area if you’d like to host special meals and celebrations for your loved one.

st paul memory assisted living san diego county