Cancer: The Race for the Cure!

The Race for the Cure?

The public consciousness is once again being stimulated in order to reap financial support for cancer research and protocols, which for 70 years have produced high profits but no cures. Cancer was being cured in the 1920s and 30s and is being cured today by simple self-help methods. But, the medical cancer industry prevented then and continues to prevent now dissemination of this knowledge and instead promotes their own profitable industry of research, surgery, radiation, testing, chemotherapy and drugsā€¦all of which treat symptoms, not causes. Cancer has steadily increased because we continue to poison our air, water, soil, food and thus ourselves.

Our bodies are designed to overcome disease, but when they become overwhelmed with toxins, our resistance fails. The insurance industry dictates which profitable protocol is acceptable, and since most people have bought into the insurance lottery, they are trapped in this corrupt system.

Having healed myself of colon/pancreatic cancer in 1969/70 and has taught hundreds of others proven self-help methods, I know that by changing lifestyles and diet, by learning ancient and modern self-help techniques, most anyone with desire and commitment can heal themselves of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Just think, if more people chose self-healing, we would lower medical costs, reduce the need for costly insurance, and raise the level of our personal health and wellbeing.

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